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Sheraya Smith's Ancestors

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My Parents

My Grandparents

My Great-Grandparents:
Harry & Hazel Smith
Tom A. & Miriam Horn Wayne & Donnella Hite
Mark & Margarette Reber

My Great-Great-Grandparents:
Richard & Cora Smith Harry & Ella Murphy
Tom & Grace Horn
Guy & Goldie Dotterer
Sam & Ella Hite
Floyd & Minnie Trout
Elzie & Grace Reber

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The Smith family has fun on a white-water rafting trip As part of my 4-H computers project, I decided to create a website. As my mom and I discussed it, family genealogy came to mind. To preserve our family pictures, we've been scanning them in on our computer. We've heard too many horror stories about photos and documents being destroyed in a fire or other tragedy; we also have been wanting to share pictures with our relatives. We saw this project as the perfect opportunity to preserve and share our family photos.

My main genealogy lines include Smith, Hite, Reber, Horn, Murphy, Dotterer, Ervin, and Trout, along with many more. This site is set up so that you view my ancestors by their relation to me. There are links at the left for each generation's page. My parents have their own page, both my sets of grandparents are on the page titled "My Grandparents", and there are separate pages for each of my great-grandparents. There are also links in each person's bio to their parents, so you can follow a whole line back that way. I hope this website will help you in some way, whether it's getting a new idea or being entertained by looking at pictures and reading stories. Who knows? You may even discover an ancestor. Enjoy! ~Sheraya Smith